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What We Do?

Leveraging an in-depth understanding of the real estate industry,
Oren Access allows buyers, sellers, renters, agents and industry professionals to come together and share their unique expertise with the right client.

Buy a Home

Buying your dream property hasn’t been easier. Just outline your requirements, and a whole new world of properties will be in front of you.

Sell a Home

Imagine selling your property to the right buyers without being snatched by the clever agents. This is exactly what sellers get with Oren Access.

Find Rentals

Oren Access makes the process of finding rental apartments a walk in the park by providing a customized search for hundreds of apartments listings.

Find a Professional

Looking for a professional who can guide you throughout your real estate buying and selling journey? We’ve got you covered.

In a world where finding trustworthy people is challenging, Oren Access is enabling everyone to buy or sell property in a way that offers nothing but extraordinary success. Just like Amazon and Netflix have reinvented the business world, Oren Access is reinventing the real estate world.

Companies That Can Utilize Our Highly Effective Services

It’s just about everyone in the real estate service.

Real Estate Companies


Home Inspectors

Interior Designers

Law Firms


Title Companies

Moving Companies

Construction Companies





Survey Companies

Real Estate Schools

Landscape Companies





About The Company

Founded in 2021, Oren Access was built on the idea that you can succeed in your real estate endeavors weather as an agent, professional, seller or buyer always if you connect with reputable agents who want to help you achieve your purpose. Oren Access is making it possible for you! By creating a one-stop shop where all the real estate agents, buyers, sellers and industry professionals come to network together. Eliminating the monopoly that exist among the traditional MLS systems therefore given back control to the Real Estate Agent who is the actual NUCLEUS of the real estate industry.

With extensive experience in the real estate industry and a customer-centric mind, we at Oren Access enable a simple and comprehensive networking with agents and sellers to market their property to the people who would be genuinely interested in buying it. Similarly, buyers are also able to connect with real estate professionals who have the expertise to help complete their purchase whether is a banker, lender, and attorney you will be connected with the right professional.

Oren Access, will market your profession and property to every corner of the internet, whether you are professional, a seller, an investor or an agent. We also recommend that real estate agents offer a minimum commission split to buyer’s agents and broker’s agents for co-broke purchases, thereby encouraging them to bring more buyers to the platform.

Last but not least, Oren Access also helps you find agents from one state who can also list the properties of selling owners from another state, making it easy for you to sell your home; as well as for buyers to find your dream property from all across the country. With Oren Access networking at the helm, you’ll accomplish your real estate dreams in no time!

Our Values

Our core values are at the forefront of everything we do.
Our reputation is as solid as concrete as we never compromise on these values regardless of the circumstances



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