Sell Your Home With Confidence

Looking to sell your property but are unable to grab a buyer who can give you the value you’re demanding?

Struggling to conduct a thorough market analysis to determine the true value of your property?

Want to pass on the burden to a professional realtor who won’t break the bank?

If yes, then thank your lucky stars because Oren Access will enable you to accomplish all the aforementioned goals under one roof!

Hassle Free
Trouble Free

How Oren Access Is Helping Sellers?

We at Oren Access move beyond traditional approaches to streamline your selling journey and eliminate the frustration out of every requirement. From offering you a comprehensive market analysis and providing you with a trustworthy realtor to finally finding a suitable buyer, we’ll furnish everything to give you peace of mind.

CMA Analysis

The first step in your journey of selling a home is assessing the accurate market value of your property. With several years of experience in property evaluation under our belt, we can conduct an in-depth CMA analysis to help you find how much you should demand for your property.

Property Marketing

Oren Access will also help you market your property on the internet so that you can find genuine buyers in the blink of an eye. We take a birds-eye-view of your requirements, and finally advertise your property in the area where chances of the sale are highest.

Continuous Monitoring

Listing your property with an Oren Access agent means that you’ll have complete control over your account. From customizing your property details and evaluating the number of visits to checking the emails of potential buyers, you’ll control everything without any disruptions.

Other Features Offered by Oren Access

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Oren Access also allows you to list your property on our platform without an agent/ realtor. However, for optimum results, it is always recommended to pass on the burden to a professional agent who can overcome the complicated selling challenges.

Find Rentals

Seeking to rent out your property and want to meet with someone who would be interested in your offering? Oren Access has got you covered. Check our extensive rental listings, contact your preferred customer, and rent out your property without ado. There is no area restriction with Oren Access.

Real Estate Investors

At Oren Access, we’re passionate about improving your return on investment, and that passion can be felt in every investment opportunity we offer. List your properties on our platform, attract potential clients from all across the internet, and skyrocket your profit like never before.